plaster/glass aggregate,
terrazzo/concrete-sandstone waste.

The Depository

Development of a former bank into an affordable hostel in the centre of Glasgow, retaining elements of it’s American Renaissance, Mannerist and Glasgow Style detailing. Thus, 'Depository' references not only the financial background of the building, but the very act of a new insertion behind the venerable structural envelope. Traditional, affordable hostel materiality is balanced with notes of grandeur akin to the original typology: textures such as brass and marble are placed precisely in and around common interaction points such as handrails, kick plates and tabletops provide sparingly literally interactions with classicism. Further, in less visible details; the frivolity of a solid brass knock down fitting within MDF panelling, for example. Application of circular design principles throughout; the MDF panelling is built from stock forms of timber, ensuring both convenient replaceability and reuse potential at the end of it's aesthetic life and existing single-pane windows are milled and recycled into plaster aggregate on-site.