Interstitial House

Highly context-led early residential project set within a lane in the Merchant City area of Glasgow; canvas presented is a narrow box with little dynamism and difficult spatial congregations. Drawing parallels typical inner city housing, space is incredibly restrictive - the challenge was to make the user feel a sense of awareness and contextual ownership to this area of the city. Local industrial heritage referenced through sandstone-umber pigmented limewash walls, a striated corten steel facade and a perforated steel staircase powder coated in the same iron-red of the City Union Bridge adjacent. These are consistently offset with more opulent, natural interior finishes drawing parallels with the historic disparity between the merchants and their industries.
corten steel/weathered,
leather/cardinal & cognac,
limewash/burnt umber-pigment,
perforated steel/scarlet powdercoat,
stainless steel/matte,
velvet/pewter grey.