Costa Coffee Pavilion

Collaborative project with Costa Coffee, exploring small space brand interventions; examined through personal inquiry into non-spaces. A parking space provides modular parameters for sales and exposure in a variety of contexts; thus, a solution of a portable coffee dispensation structure that fits within the footprint of a standard car parking space.
    Concept centred around the more traditional activity of al banco [at the bar] drinking, quicker and more mobile, as opposed to the socially developed al tavolo [at the table] of British shores. The non-space as a perfect canvas - a place to drift into, a brief refuel on the way to an ultimate destination.
    Construction explores the dichotomy of introduced Italianate material (marble; as ground offcuts mixed with lime) with existing material narrative (asphalt), whilst providing a succinct environmental response to the automotive context (recycled tyre crumb.)
marmorino/ground carrara marble dust,
rubber crumb/recycled tyre.